Profiles - PTI Sports & Recreation Construction

Meet Our Team

PTI Sports and Recreation Construction is a family business, created by Guylene and Terry Robertson. As the family business grew, so did our team. Between us we have two doctorates in education, several retired superintendents, certified playground safety inspectors (CPSI), and a professional engineer (PE), plus over 40 years in construction experience.

But we’re still family. We care about our community and our neighbors just like you do.

Guylene Robertson, Ed.D.


Dr. Robinson has 36 years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and a school district superintendent. An expert in her field, she has presented at local, state, and national education conferences. With all that experience she understands the challenges and goals of schools and other organizations who want to help their communities.

Dr. Robertson has won over $5 million in grants for her school districts. She understands how to secure funding for projects to help you provide the best playgrounds at the lowest cost to your organization. She and her husband, Terry, founded PTI Sports And Recreation Construction in 2001 to help schools and churches build safe recreation equipment. They wanted to guide community-focused organizations through the whole process of building playground equipment, from planning to completion when most companies just want to build equipment and go home.

Dr. Robertson is active in serving her local community. She volunteers on the Lake Livingston Rotary, the Childrenz Haven Board of Directors, the Livingston St. Luke’s Hospital Board of Directors, and Escapees Board of Directors. She loves to go glamping (you gotta camp with style, right?) with groups like Sisters on the Fly.

Joanis Riebl

Vice President, Finance and Sales

Joanis earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Texas A&M University. She knows that most you don’t want to spend your time figuring out budgets and financial reporting. You’d much rather serve your community, of course. She will work with you to manage the project budget, to control project costs, and to guide you through good accounting practices.
She has worked in the construction business for more than six years. She’s developed strong relationships with project managers, contractors, architects, and all the experts you need for a project. She will help you manage these relationships so you can get exactly what you want in recreation equipment.
Joanis loves to go bike riding with her family is which includes three dogs!

Jordan Robertson

Vice President, Operations

Jordan earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in civil engineering from Virginia Tech. He has tons of experience in construction. He worked for six years with the Rhodes Group, a construction consulting firm, as a project consultant before coming to PTI Sports And Recreation Construction. A veteran of the U.S. Airforce, he served in Iraq in 2010.
Jordan specializes in helping our clients manage the construction process. He helps you identify and control cost risks and manage construction schedules. He wants to make sure that your project runs smoothly from the beginning to completion. His experience keeps the headaches of construction to a minimum.
Jordan loves to wood work in his free time but most importantly, him and his wife had their first child in March!

Mitch Evers

Business Development

Mitch graduated from Taylor University and attended Grace Bible College. He focuses on helping our clients in education, park and recreation, landscape architecture, churches, and multi-family housing markets. He has over 10 years of experience recreation construction, and he’s worked on jobs ranging from $5K to $740K. His expertise helps our clients Find exactly what they need.
Mitch is a former tennis teaching professional who lives reading, excercising, travelling, tennis, and basketball. He loves spending time with his family, Jennifer, his wife of 21 years, and their two children, Gracie and Connor.

Marigona Peni

Office Manager

Marigona Peni graduated from the Public University of Prizren, Kosovo, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting. Our office manager, she does the accounting, financial, and managerial tasks to make sure our office runs smoothly.
Marigona is adventurous and a self-started. In 2017, she leapt across the pond into an international job in the United States, because she wanted to see what it was like (and to have an international job on her resume).
Marigona loves to learn new things, spending time with friends, and playing video games.