Outdoor Sports

We install an array of outdoor sports facilities with high quality manufacturers. Your players need a surface that works for the sport, and you want something that lasts. Heat, humidity, rain and the like damage your carefully built surfaces. Let us install and maintain them so they last.

  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Artificial Turf
  • Track Surfacing
  • Playground Surfacing
  • Splash Pads
  • Benches, canopies, and other amenities

Tennis Courts

Consistent bounce. Durability. Footing. Players don’t want to worry about the court. They want to play the game. Let us give you a quality court that lasts. Is your court in disrepair? We can make them like new so your community can back in the action.

Artificial Turf

Traditional fields wear down. Football fields have a streak down the middle of dead grass. The sun bakes the ground until it fields like cement. Artificial turf offers long-term playability and durability so the field will last and have a consistent feel. We install turf for football, baseball, soccer, and more. Custom details make the field your own. You can get a variety of colors, and we can add a detailed logo.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Outdoor basketball courts regularly don’t get the attention they deserve. Sun and water crack the surface so it’s hard to play the game. Let us install or refinish your outdoor basketball court. You want people to play, right? Our quality surfaces last in tough weather so they’ll want to come back day after day.

Track Surfacing

You know that moment when the track team goes to a meet, and they run on a great track. They come back raving about how it feels, how great it is to run on an amazing surface. That could be your track. We offer latex or polyurethane surfaces for a fast, surefooted track. Don’t need a new track? We repair and resurface your existing one, too.

Splash Pads

One of the latest trends for parks and community activities, splash pads are a great way for families to cool down in the summer heat. We install splash pads that are both fun and safe, so the parents in your community won’t worry about their kids. Create a developmentally appropriate space by leaning on our education experience.

Outdoor Amenities

No playground or field is complete without various amenities, like benches, canopies, tables, and the like. People need a place to rest and cool off from the hot southern sun, and parents want a place to sit while their kids play. Install our amenities so everyone can be comfortable and keep using your fields. Customize them with a logo and your choice of colors.

  • Benches
  • Canopies
  • Shades
  • Tables
  • Trash Cans
  • Bike Racks
  • And more