Playground equipment


Children love a place to play. Somewhere that allows their imagination to take over. A playground is that place they can explore with friends. A playground can become anything from a spaceship to a jungle. PTI is expert at building these spaces and we’ve been doing it since 2001. More than that, we know what you want is safety. Our designers are experts at creating playgrounds that are both adventurous for children yet safe. Anything that a child can dream of, we can create. Let’s work together to make the playground of their dreams come true. PTI is proud to exclusively carry the Henderson line of playground equipment. We have chosen to work with Henderson because they understand our vision for what a playground should be. Their claim to fame is being the first manufacturer to understand the importance of creativity in playground equipment through their development of Panda Bear swings and Woodchuck Burrows. Playgrounds are an important investment. If you’d like more information about what it is like to make a new playground, from start to finish, click here to download our Playground Design Guide. Because playgrounds are not a small investment, we know schools and organizations don’t want to lose their investment on their current playground. If you’d like help moving your current playground.