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Watch The Game Not The Court

An indoor court is supposed to be simple. It should be durable, feel right, and provide consistent bounce. A three at the buzzer, a great set and spike, a quality court won’t distract from the action. Don’t let your court distract your fans from the game.

We can help you do that. We know a quality court is a huge investment. We can take care of your indoor court no matter what it looks like. We repair, refinish, build new, or even tear out and replace.

  • Consistent Bounce and Feel
  • Quality and Durability
  • Repair and Refinish For Long Life
  • Experienced Team To Guide You

Basketball, Volleyball, Racketball

We do it all


Refinish Or Repair

We all do it. We skip on maintenance or put it off until next year. Before long, the court just isn’t playing right. We can help get your court back up to speed with repair or refinish, including painting the lines, to extend the life of your court.