About us - PTI Sports & Recreation Construction

Who we are

Guylene and Terry Robertson founded PTI Sports and Recreation Construction in 2001. With thirty-six years in education, Guylene wanted to help schools and communities build the right playground equipment for them. Terry had worked in farming and construction, and he jumped on board to give hands-on construction experience to the crew. For their first fifteen years, we focused on building residential playgrounds as they learned the ins-and-outs of the playground industry. They figured out how to give their clients the best playground for their money without headaches that come with most construction projects.

After Guylene retired from working as a superintendent for the school district in Goodrich, TX, the whole family decided to expand their services. They had a passion to help schools, churches, and other organizations better serve their communities with their playground equipment by helping them make the process easy from beginning to end. Now we offer a bunch of the recreation products and equipment. From commercial playgrounds to sports complexes. We we can help you with turf, tracks, canopies, tennis courts, football fields, baseball fields and more. The list goes on and on!.

We’re a family company. Guylene and Terry’s kids helped out with PTI through high school, but the expansion meant they could come on board full-time. The oldest, Jordon, left his construction consulting job in Pittsburgh (why work in the cold Pittsburgh winters when you could live in Houston?) to manage day-to-day operations. Joanis worked for CPS until she joined us to take care of accounting and sales. Her background in accounting helps you manage your reporting and budget through the construction process. We excited to help our clients get the best playgrounds for their money. We think that a construction company should be a partner and not just a contractor. We help you through the whole process, from funding to completion, and we’ll be there to help you even after the project is done. You’re not just a contract. You’re a partner in making your community a better place.