100_3646_595You have our commitment to provide great customer service as we build high quality products that delight your community. Customer Service still comes first, after 14 years. PTI has more than 14 years of experience in the outdoor playground and recreation industry. We credit our growing list of happy customers to our relentless promise to listen to customer needs. We are flexible, and work with you to design playgrounds and outdoor equipment that meets your needs. From start to timely completion, we’ll pay attention to the details that matter to you before and after equipment installation.


We want you to take as much pride in the quality workmanship of your finished products as we do. Quality equipment ensures everyone has the best experience on your playground or athletic facility, and it also reduces your long-term costs. PTI provides the finest athletic surfacing, area shades and playground equipment on the market.


We believe there is no room for compromise in the safety of your playground or recreation spaces. PTI is an expert in the most current safety standards and will ensure your designs and equipment meet or exceed all regulations. The design, installation and maintenance of your equipment is always done in a rigorous way that will protect the safety of your children or athletes. From age-appropriate design, to proper fall surfacing, to protection from the sun and correct maintenance, ask us how PTI makes your equipment safe.


A play to play. A place to be part of a team. A place to share experiences and build relationships that matter most. PTI knows the spaces we build are not only for you but also for your community. We design our equipment with inclusive play and use in mind. As lifelong Americans and Texans, we are proud to help you make your neighborhood a better place.

I would like to take this time to say working with PTI Sports and Recreation Construction was a great experience. They provided the perfect playground for our Special Needs students at Lumberton ISD. Their representatives took the time to help design the playground from the foundation, all the equipment, the contractors and the construction. They did not just try to sell us “a product”, but they listened to our needs and collaborated on the best way to design the playground to meet the needs of our district.


We do business the old fashioned way, paying attention to details before and after the project construction.


Collaborative designs and custom solutions based on your individual needs from start to finish.


We’ve got you covered, with more than 40 years combined experience in the sports and recreation industry.



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