PTI Sports and Recreation Construction has completed 2 projects for Comanche ISD, with another one planned for the future. In the first project, they refreshed our synthetic track that had not had any attention in many years. The work resulted in a new looking surface that was appreciated by all users and spectators as track season began. The pricing beat all other vendors, the work was done as scheduled and the workmanship outstanding. The second project was the relocation of an existing playground due to the move of a Head Start program. We had to reschedule the work due to construction delays yet PTI was completely cooperative and compassionate to our dilemma. When the construction project is complete, they will relocate more existing equipment for us. PTI is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in public school. They will serve you well and at a price you will appreciate.


We do business the old fashioned way, paying attention to details before and after the project construction.


Collaborative designs and custom solutions based on your individual needs from start to finish.


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